What will stop area rugs from rolling up on the edges?

What will stop area rugs from rolling up on the edges?
I have two large rugs and they roll up on the edges where there is a lot of traffic through my home. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


count scratchula:  have you tried those spongy rug gripper things? They're about the same size as the rug and keep it in place. Also, you can buy rug tape, but I don't know if it would damage your floor or not
2007-02-07 15:56:41
MISS-MARY:  They sell a product called carpet tape that keeps the ends down. You can use double sided tape or even duct tape if you aren't worried about getting it up, just double it over on itself and put under the edge of the carpet. The carpet tape is for that purpose.
2007-02-07 16:03:11
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tn_lonely1:  if you have any or can get ahold of some try this one.
Tile flooring, the self stick type. Simply cut it into triangles from the corners, Stick it to the bottom of the rug. The glue is not harmful to the rug and the tile keeps the corners flat.
2007-02-07 16:11:29
ramzee:  two sided tape

Be Blessed!
2007-02-07 16:44:23
PDY:  I folded duct tape to form a two-sided tape piece and placed them on the bottom edges of the rugs. The other half adheres to the floor. Works great as long as you don't mind that the floor may be discolored from the tape. I don't mind because I know there will always be a rug there, so who cares if what's underneath is a bit discolored?
2007-02-07 18:53:15
Jennifer:  Your area rugs sound fairly new. They are sent by the manufacturer on a cardboard tube and wrapped in plastic for years sometimes. If not from the manufacturer then they are often rolled by the flooring store. It won't permanently damage them they just need to be re rolled the other way or what we like to call reverse rolled. Concentrate on straightening and rolling the short side of the area rug. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes. Sometimes they have to sit reverse rolled in a warm area to loosen for a few days. If your area rug is not curled from being new and is fairly light weight use a thin non slip pad and double sided carpet tape to prevent shifting.

Good Luck
2007-02-07 19:02:59
sara1805:  put tape on the edge or you can have leather instul on the backof the edge look at this picture
try this stor i buy rugs from the very helpful


2007-02-09 09:16:31