How do I get red wine out of Sisal carpets and rugs before it stains?

How do I get red wine out of Sisal carpets and rugs before it stains?
WELL I ACTUALLY KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION... But the stain has to be fresh, as I don?t know the effectiveness of this solution on old stains.

Fill half a cup/mug with water, and the other half with WHITE vinegar. Dampen a clean cloth with the solution, open out the cloth and place over the stain. Tread over the cloth repeatedly with your feet to absorb and agitate the wine. Rinse the cloth with clean water, squeeze, and add more of the vinegar solution and repeat again.

Rinse the cloth and add more of the solution, but this time rub the affected area LIGHTLY with (NOT AGAINST) the grain of the carpet. If you?re not sure what, with/against the grain means, you?ll have to Google it.

Finally, find a DRY clean cloth to place over the dampened area of carpet/rug, and once again tread the excess liquid out of the carpet and leave to dry. Please keep in mind that sisal goes very dark when wet but will return to its normal shade when dry.

I have used this method personally (admittedly with a carpet treated with scotch guard) and it has left the carpet stainless after I had spilt a substantial amount of dark red wine. Though do follow these guidelines with caution as different sisal carpets may vary.



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Eagle Eye:  blot the spot with Club Soda .
2009-08-12 13:08:00